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Atelier of Life

ATELIER “a-tel-ee-ay”of LIFE:
A workshop or studio specially for artist and designer. [French]


The energies in your living spaces impact everything in your life!

Feng Shui for your home and office/business

Feng Shui is an ancestral wisdom but so contemporary and needed today! For 3000+ years Asian civilisations have used these techniques to live well. Also known as the “Art of Placement” Feng Shui places the home on the land, rooms in the space, people and furniture in each room. Always aiming at creating more well being, more productivity, health and wealth.

When is a better time to bring in balance than during a time of transformation? A move, expansion, renovation, construction…

In our modern application of Feng Shui, we use personalized elements, contemporary symbols, meaningful colors to support the well-being of our all our clients. May you be a successful business owner or a single mom, harmony offers snowballing impacts.

Inner work for all around harmony

Our experience shows us that our living space is a mirror of our life. No coincidences here!

To create a more supportive environment requires change. During this time of transformation it is important to look and nurture your inner landscape as well.

Happy or difficult changes are the best time to look deeper and create something new. Ask yourself: “What does “home” mean to me?” “What do I need to create home inside & out?”

It is important to work on both environments “in and out” simultaneously.

Our practices are natural: Clarity breathwork; Gemstones and crystals both powerful and beautiful tools to anchor the new you.

ATELIERS / Workshops
Because your life is in your hands

Atelier of Life is a positive space, in person or virtually, to come to when you are ready working on your life. When feeling stuck or blah is not good enough.

Our Ateliers/workshops, retreats or circles ask you to start the work. Most of our offerings are not intellectual nor passive, but real and ands-on, physical, energetically provoking. To get the energy (chi) moving everywhere in your life! Inside & Out.

We adapt our introductions to Feng Shui based on who you are. Not the same goals for Realtors, Moms, business owners…

Look at our calendar and join us. Become an active part of the next phase of your life


Harmonize your Living Spaces

Whether you live in a place you love or can’t wait to move. Whether it is a studio or a mansion, an okay apartment or your family house…It is “HOME”.
But what does that mean? How does it feel?
Does your living space reflect who you are and more importantly who you want to be? what you want to create?

Let’s look and talk. Let’s ensure your living space supports your life

Bring balance and harmony to your living spaces.

Harmonize where you live, where you’d want to live. If you are renovating, painting or just thinking that something needs to change.

If you are going through a life change, it’s time to transform your living spaces - without moving - and bring in the good vibes you want to surround yourself with!

Feng shui is a tool to help customize and create good vibes around you and your household. No matter if you are a tribe or a tribe of 1.


Harmonize your Working Space

No matter what you do, where you work.

The average person spends more than 90,000 hours in their lifetime at work, and it affects their personal lives.

Increase your health, productivity, sense of fulfillment by working in a supportive environment!


If you work at Home, in your office or in co-working spaces.

It is important to make it yours and create a very supportive environment - for you are your clients/patients. More than anyone else, you need this space to work for you! Creating harmony, enhancing the abundance, fire and success areas is crucial to your business.

If you are moving, thinking of moving, expanding or something is just not right… Contact me



Feng Shui can make such a big difference.

Think of improving the flow of your patrons and merchandise; the placement of your employes. For example, it would not be optimal to place your accounting team in the creativity zone. Remember, Feng Shui is also known as the art of placement.

It makes a huge difference when people feel good where they shop! They spend more time, spend more money, tell more people about their experiences….


Start Your Transformation

Expanding, Moving, rebranding… Getting married, divorced, empty nesters or just for more well-being.

It always start with a choice and life unfolds!

Take the first step. Click Inquire below